About Back To Life

Reconnect with your heart and get your life back to life.


The Back To Life residential weekend retreat programme, combines traditional  and modern tools and techniques to help you reconnect with your heart and reimagine your future.

Is it time for you to revitalise your life after major change, loss or emotional stress?

Are you ready to regain your energy, vitality, joy and passion for life?

Then this is just what you need - time out to relax, reflect, reconnect with your heart

and regain your emotional balance.

Whatever your aims and aspirations are in life,

you need passion, enthusiasm and emotional balance to help you get there.

But Life can present both challenges and opportunities – that's the dance between Joy and Pain.

As we have all see with Covid 19, coping with life changes, loss, heartache, fear or anxiety can leave us feeling drained – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Join us as we resume Back To Life retreats in a safe space.

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey of inner healing and self discovery,

to restore your joy and passion for life. 

You will experience the healing power of proven Body- Mind-Heart tools and techniques.

Feel the benefits of:

  • Dru Yoga Energy Block Release Sequences

  • Guided Relaxation and Meditations

  • Shamanic Sound Healing Journey and

  • Creative Visualisation Exercises

Learn practical tips, tools and Dru Yoga techniques to integrate into your daily life.

Learn how to embrace change after emotional stress,

and allow this weekend retreat to help you to bring YOUR Life back to life.

Experience the gentle power of Dru Yoga.

Try this sample of a Dru Yoga Energy Block Release Sequence - to help you connect with your heart:

Heart Awareness MeditationClodagh Whelan
00:00 / 11:59

Experience a guided meditation with Clodagh.

Enjoy this sample meditation to help you relax, centre connect with your heart:

 Clodagh's Story

"Once upon a time there was a business lady who kept herself busy, busy with work.

Every day she kept herself busy, busy until her mind was in a tizzy and her shoulders ached from stress and keyboard strain. But there was something missing in her life…like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, she was missing her heart.

One day her father died from cancer. But she still kept busy, busy in a tizzy. Until one day she paused and realised what was missing was her connection with her heart, her passion, her joy. She realised that if she didn’t find her passion, her joy, that she too would die of stress – like her father and so many before.

Because of that she decided to learn about the power of the heart and discovered the yoga of the heart, Dru Yoga. That brought her back to connect with her own heart and her passion for life.

Because of that she sailed across many oceans, and wrote a book, and went exploring in this curious world, had many adventures and met many wonderful people, from all walks of life.

Until finally she realised that we are all the same at heart, men and women, through the dance between joy and pain, on this journey of life. When we close our hearts to avoid the pain we also close our hearts to joy, and lose passion and enthusiasm for the future.

So she realised that, while she was never going to be nurse or a doctor, or a ballerina, she could share her learning to help others to heal their hearts and rediscover their joy and passion for life – and by bringing them Back To Life, she brought herself back to life too."

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Clodagh Whelan

"Back To Life ...finding the dream"