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… Reconnect with your Heart, Joy and Passion

Back To Life

A 6 week virtual voyage of inner reflection and connection

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With this online programme we help professional women who are feeling overwhelmed to rediscover their Joy and Passion for Life.

Whether you are a busy professional, juggling many roles and responsibilities,  knocked by the storms of life, planning for your future, looking for guidance in redesigning your life or just thinking there has to be more to life, this programme will help you to:  

  • manage your personal and professional stress

  • overcome feelings of overwhelm and isolation

  • improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

  • Connect with others in a private moderated group

  • Share experiences and gain new perspectives on your life


so that you can rediscover your Joy and your Passion for Life

  …and create an inspiring Heartfelt Vision for your Future.


Clodagh Whelan 

Programme Co-ordinator

From This ....


Back to Life 

... Reconnect with your Heart,

Joy and Passion for Life

By the end of this 6 week programme

you will :

  • Learn practical tools to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress

  • Gain fresh perspectives on your life, through self-reflection and connection with others

  • Reconnect with your dreams, through guided meditations and visualisations

  • Design an inspiring vision of Hope for your Future

  • Chart a course to realise your Heartfelt Vision.

To This ....


Back to Life  ... Reconnect with your Heart,  Joy and Passion for Life

This is a 6 week virtual voyage of inner refection and joyful connection, with other professional women like you, which includes:

  • A structured programme to guide you through a personal process of renewal.

  • 6 Virtual Gatherings (90mins weekly) in a private moderated group, with other women facing similar life challenges

  • 3 individual online mentoring sessions (45min each), over the course of the 6 weeks.

  • Weekly resource pack of support materials to work with individually.

  • Tools, tips and techniques for transforming your energy and outlook.

  • Videos of mindful movement and Dru Yoga Energy Block Release Sequences for home practice.

  • Weekly recordings of guided relaxations and meditations to download to your phone.

  • PDF workbooks and templates for charting your course to your Heartfelt Vision.


At the end of this 6 weeks……you will feel refreshed, revitalised, reenergised and

                                                                          reconnected with your Dreams for your Future.

Back to Life ... Reconnect with your Heart, Joy and Passion for Life

Designed specifically for you…

by experienced business professional,

author, sailor and Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher,

Clodagh Whelan , Programme Coordinator

Clodagh-Whelan--173 - Copy.jpg

  • Learn simple gentle proven tools  - to reduce stress, improve sleep and manage your energy

  • Enjoy a blended programme of individual mentoring, live virtual gatherings, support videos, audio recordings and PDFs

  • Practice at home with a progressive weekly programme

  • Connect and reflect weekly with a small group of other professional women

  • Share experiences, get feedback and tailor practices

  • Optional follow on Yoga or Meditation practice – with Dru Yoga Online Studio

  • Focus on Optimism this winter…not fear, anger or depression

  • Rise above winter isolation…with Connection, Innovation, Creativity and Love


This custom designed programme will improve your health, wellness and mental outlook,

              … giving you a new perspective on your Life Vision and priorities for 2021.

In this crazy Covid world Back To Life offers you a programme of transformation

…from fear and anxiety

…to joy and empowerment

Back To Life …. Bringing YOUR life back to life.​

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Next Programme Starts

Monday 12th October 

19.30 GMT (12.00 EST)


Wednesday 14th October

14.00 GMT (9.00 EST) 2020

If you are interested in the programme, but these times don’t suit please do get in touch.

Book a Free call with Clodagh to discuss your requirements.

Back to Life


Weekly Group Gatherings  -

                  hosted on Zoom

Individual mentoring calls  -

                   can be scheduled on Calendly


Schedule a FREE discovery call 

                     with Clodagh now

Cost ?

6 Week Programme Value €1,084

2020 Offer Price €559

Plus Bonuses

for booking before 3rd October

Bonus 1:

Free copy of Clodagh's Book,

“Back To Life … Finding the Dream”

Delivered to your door.


Book 2: Free Audio

20 min Guided Relaxation by Clodagh


Payment: by Paypal or EFT

Booking Deposit €100

Full Payment by 10/10/20

Module Outline

Pre Programme  - Prepare Energetically

As soon as you decide to made the commitment to yourself to undertake this programme and make the booking you have started the work to prepare your virtual rediscover your joy and passion ... and your dreams.

This module will prepare you energetically for the transformational work ahead.

On the initial mentoring call, we will:

  • review your objectives for the programme

  • lay out what you can expect over the 6 weekly modules

  • discuss how you can best prepare

  • determine what you need to do to get the most from the programme 

  • schedule the next individual mentoring sessions

1. Calm in The Storm-Opti.jpg

Week 1 – Find Calm in the Storm

In this module you will experience the effect of the breath on body, mind and emotions. You will learn tools to calm your mind and emotions, as well as gentle Dry Yoga movements to activate and energise the body. You will have an opportunity to connect with others and share your experiences and learning from recent storms –


Above the clouds the sun always shines.  

2. Centre in Your Self.jpg

Week 2 – Get Centred in Your Self

This module will focus on tools to bring awareness to your mind and emotions, with tools to centre your self physically and energetically. You will also learn tools to connect with your true Self and tune in to your intuition. This will include guided meditations that you can practice at home, to appreciate your unique gifts and your place in the world –


Connect with your inner treasure.

3. Reflect on Your Voyage - Opti.jpg

Week 3 – Reflection on Your Voyage

This module will support you in reflecting on the voyage that has brought to this point in your life and the resources you have for weathering the storms. You will discover powerful tools for developing self-compassion and transformation of mental and emotional patterns. These will also be included in the weekly resource pack for you to practice within your own personal schedule –


It is only in still water that we can see

the reflection undistorted.

4. Reconnect with Your Passion-Opti.png

Week 4 - Reconnect with Your Passion

In this module you will focus on connecting with your heart and intuition, to reassess your priorities and reconnect with your joy, your passion.  You will be guided in a wonderful Heart Awakening Dru Yoga sequence, to activate your heartfelt vision and energise your dreams. Connecting with others in active listing exercises will also help you to focus on your passion and clarify your vision -


What do you want to write on the sands

of your time before sunset?

5. Reset Your Course-Opti.jpg

Week 5 - Reset Your Course

In this model you will discover tools to help you to clear the way and chart your course to your future vision, including goal mapping and future history visualisations. You will also explore your own inner resources, and character strengths, with individual self-assessment report to reflect on. The weekly resource pack will help you identify additional supports you need in setting a course toward your dreams -


Discover your inner compass, your inner guide.

6. Reinvest Your Zest-Opti.jpg

Week 6 - Reinvest Your Zest

This final module will help you attune to your future vision and provide you with tools and techniques to help you maintain your energy, focus and commitment to your future vision. Over the course of this 6 week virtual voyage you will meet with others who are recharting their course in life, who may become friends or accountability crew for you going forward. The final resource pack will give you tools and techniques to support to going forward, and maintain you vision for your future, and  -

Bring your Dreams Back to Life.

Your Vision – Your Future - Your Dream!

See It, Believe It, Expect It   -   Feel It, Achieve It!





Let this Back To Life Programme …. Bring YOUR Life back to life.

Carpe Diem!       Seize the Day!

…... because Life isn’t a Rehearsal

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